We all have crossroads in our lives, those points where we have the opportunity to choose between different options and whichever we choose has some effect. Big or small, those choices have an effect on other things like a chain reaction. We can make the choice to remain the same or the choice to veer off the path and make a life altering change. Of particular interest to me is how these choices then make connections in our lives. Recently at my daughter’s wedding, I gave a father-of-the-bride speech and talked about this. If I had not changed course and gone to dental school things would have been entirely different. As luck would have it, I became a dentist and eventually met Lisa. We married and had our lovely daughter. She went to USC like her parents, where she met her future husband. Connections. 

There is a similar crossroads connection when patients I have seen for years bring their children to me and then those children grow up and have families of their own who become my patients as well. What a great thing it is to treat multiple generations of families as patients. 


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