Honoring Those Who Sacrificed

Memorial Day is dedicated to remembering and honoring the brave service members who gave their lives for our country. I have remarked before that timing is everything and these are indeed some interesting times; in our country and in the world at large. This year marks the 75th anniversary of the end of the US involvement in WWII. My dad served in the US Navy in the Pacific Fleet during WWII and although he did not lose his life, many did, not only in that war but in others. I am grateful for their service and honor their sacrifices.

Exactly 78 years after my dad went through Navy boot camp in Great Lakes, IL, my grandson did the same at the beginning of 2020, further linking the past to the future. I feel a deep sense of pride in their commitments and sacrifices, but also in that connection. I am hopeful that as my grandson gains the knowledge and skills to best serve our country he comes to the full understanding of the value of each life that contributes to our freedom. I wish my dad could have seen his great grandson in his uniform. He too would be proud.

Our practice supports military veterans in their oral health and works with the Veterans Benefits to successfully meet their needs. Carol is our liaison for veterans, so please address her with any questions you may have. We are happy to care for US veterans.


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