Interesting Facts About Your Saliva

  1. Saliva is made up of mostly water and also contains substances to help your body digest food.

  2. It keeps your mouth moist.

  3. Saliva allows you to taste, chew and swallow.

  4. It fights germs and prevents bad breath.

  5. Saliva contains some proteins and minerals that protect your tooth enamel and prevent gum disease and tooth decay.

  6. Your salivary glands are located inside each cheek, near the front teeth.

  7. The body produces about two to four  pints of saliva each day on average.

  8. Some people have medical conditions in which they produce too much (hypersalivation) or not enough (xerostomia) saliva. For a slightly dry mouth, be sure to drink plenty of water and try chewing sugar-free gum.


If you experience excessive amounts of saliva or a very dry mouth, please ask Dr. Ellison about some possible solutions.


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