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The Trick to Halloween Treats
By Dr. Ellison
October 27, 2016
Category: Health
Tags: Dentist   teeth   cavities   brush   candy  

In my dental practice I have seen plenty of cavities over the years, some of which may have been attributed to a genetic predisposition, but more have likely been caused by poor nutritional choices and a lack of oral care. I have never been an advocate for eating candy, however I advise my patients to do just one thing. If you are going to consume candy or any other sugary sweets, just brush afterwards. That momentary bliss while chewing gummy bears isn’t worth the decay and resulting cascade of detriment to your teeth. I always encouraged my own kids to opt for the chocolates versus the hard candies that can break teeth or the chewy candy that can more readily lead to cavities. Between you and me, I secretly wished for my kids to binge on as much of their Halloween candy they wanted on October 31st so that it wasn’t dragged out for days or weeks. I suggest to parents instead to at least put a limit (for example, 3 days) before the remaining candy is thrown out. I’d be lying if I told you I hadn’t had a few candy bars myself over the years. And I'd be lying further if I said I hadn't siphoned them from my kids' stash. Just be smart and brush afterwards.