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By Dr. Ellison
April 13, 2016
Category: Staff
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Carol 40 YearsThis month we would like to recognize and congratulate our practice office manager, Carol, on her 40 years of employment in our office. 40 years is, indeed, a long time to work for the same employer and it is surely not something I take for granted. Carol actually began working for this practice before I did. In 1976, at the tender age of nineteen, Carol began working for my lifelong friend, Dr. George Morris as a dental assistant. Soon thereafter I took over the practice and the roll of Carol’s boss. Her job title has evolved over the years, but Carol has been my office manager for the majority of that time. Throughout the years, staff members have come and gone, but Carol has remained. She and I both have been witness to multiple generations of patients coming to my office for dental care. The office has grown and changed significantly since the early years and Carol has been along for the ride the whole way.

Working alongside someone for so many years allows you to share the ups and downs of daily life as well as milestones like marriages, births, deaths, graduations and various other markers. Carol and her husband, Scott, have raised two lovely daughters, Jennifer and Caitlin. She is also happy to be a grandmother to two boys.

There is something to be said for employee loyalty and Carol’s is certainly no exception. I am grateful for her tenacity and longtime dedication.