Dr. Ellison's Blog

  • Ancient Dental Trivia
    I recently came across some facts regarding ancient dentistry and oral care. It’s always interesting to see how much has changed and yet in some cases, I find it amazing Read more
  • Interesting Facts About Your Saliva
    Saliva is made up of mostly water and also contains substances to help your body digest food. It keeps your mouth moist. Saliva allows you to taste, chew and swallow. It fights germs Read more
  • The Benefits of Using a Water Pik
    Lately, in our practice, we have been singing the praises of using a water pik. While I still recommend flossing, I must admit that I floss less now since getting Read more
  • Dr. Ellison's Top Healthy Summer Foods
    With summer's arrival and kids home for the better part of three months, patients and parents sometimes ask me for suggestions of healthy snacks (and not just for kids). It Read more
  • Our Most Popular Cosmetic Dental Procedures
    1) Teeth Whitening    Nobody wants stained, yellow teeth so whitening is a great fix. From custom take home trays to Zoom power whitening, the results and costs vary, but many patients Read more
  • How Can Tooth-Colored Fillings Improve Your Smile?
      There was a time, not so many years ago, dentists did not have available the dental materials and technology they have today and thus patients did not have the choices Read more
  • Kick the Can (Of Soda)
    How often do you reach for a soda? Our culture promotes fairly regular consumption of soda despite the increasing negative publicity. Whether you are at a backyard barbecue, a movie Read more
  • Gum Recession
    Gum recession is a condition I get asked about a lot. It’s a concern of many patients. Sometimes a “toothy” looking smile can be due to gum recession. When gums Read more
  • Keeping the Peace
    I’ve been thinking lately that with tensions running high throughout our country, stressors overwhelming and emotions likely erupting, now is the time more than ever to hit the pause and Read more
  • The Trick to Halloween Treats
    In my dental practice I have seen plenty of cavities over the years, some of which may have been attributed to a genetic predisposition, but more have likely been caused Read more
  • Beauty Lies In the Eyes of the Beholder
    I cannot tell you how many patients come to me in search of the “perfect smile”. Whether it’s straightening, whitening, lengthening or broadening teeth and smile, people have an idea Read more
  • I Floss. Always have, Always Will.
    For as long as I can recall I have been flossing, albeit more regularly at some times than at others. I used floss occasionally before going to dental school and Read more
  • Chips Happen
      My daughter has told me before about a recurring dream or nightmare she has, where her front teeth are chipped. She awakens and runs to the mirror in horror to Read more
  • Four Decades of Employment
    This month we would like to recognize and congratulate our practice office manager, Carol, on her 40 years of employment in our office. 40 years is, indeed, a long time Read more
  • A New Little Life
    Karen Michinock, one of our outstanding dental hygienists, has been a member of my practice team for over 30 years. You come to know much about a person when you Read more
  • A Whiter Smile
    I think most people would agree that a smile is the most memorable feature upon meeting someone. It gives you the impression of whether a person is approachable or not. Yet Read more

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